Our analysts developed an understanding of the relevant online conversation, both pre-and post-FDA approval of [competitor 1] and to identify stakeholders and discover discussion patterns within the set of conversations. This in-depth “competitive analysis” focused primarily on conversations with patients and caregivers. The data included posts from Twitter, blogs, forums, online news, and open Facebook groups.

We delivered on the following questions/challenges:

  • What percent of these posts that mention [the brand] is relevant?
  • In what channels are the conversations happening on [the brand]?
  • What are the types of posts being written (quantify) about [the brand]?
  • Do the stakeholders compare [the brand] and its competitors in the article or post? If so, with whom?
  • What is the sentiment of these posts with respect to [the brand]? Is there a change in sentiment with time?
  • What are the topics most/least talked about with respect to [the brand]?
  • What are other treatment(s) mentioned in addition to [the brand] within the post?