Ingenuity enables better business outcomes in insurance companies by implementing sustainable analytics capabilities across the value chain.

10% increase in new business

10% increase in new business

20% increase in sales productivity

20% increase in sales productivity

20-30% decrease in churn rates

20-30% decrease in churn rates


Innovative approach

Ingenuity offers a new perspective on insurance analytics by involving employees across the organization—in sales, underwriting, claims, and customer service—in transforming processes with big data and analytics.


Ingenuity prioritizes quantifiable value-creation for insurance companies, ensuring that the models we help teams develop result in measurable performance improvements, like increases in new business, better cycle times, and smaller new business loss ratios.

Adoption into workflow

Ingenuity seamlessly integrates data and analytics capabilities into the front line. We enable companies to embrace organization-wide transformation by building tools and models to support decision-makers in their day-to-day processes.


Financial Services

Global Banking Pools

Enables banks to make better market expansion, digital banking, and portfolio optimization decisions

Financial Services

Performance Lens

Provides fact-based, actionable insights to improve asset managers’ business performance


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