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Business professionals generally refer to cognitive analytics when talking about various uses of big data for business intelligence. The general concept here is that enterprises collect or aggregate large amounts of data from very diverse sources. We can:

  • Analyze large amounts of data to provide specific results that help a business get a better view of its own internal processes, how the market receives its products and services, customer preferences, how customer loyalty is generated or other key questions where accurate answers are used to provide a business with a competitive edge
  • Ingest vast quantities of different kinds of data, reason over the information, learn from their interactions with data and people and interact with humans in natural ways
  • Draw on the expertise of consulting professionals spanning machine learning, advanced analytics, data science and development, all supported by industry and change management specialists
  • Help our clients become cognitive banks, retailers, automakers, insurers or healthcare providers.

Cognitive computing can be put to work sorting copious quantities of data. AMSTAT Consulting has significant expertise and experience with helping clients devise data management strategies for both structured and unstructured data through its data warehousing, information management, and big data services.

With data in place, AMSTAT Consulting can help deploy cognitive computing solutions through:

  • Strategic Advisory Services – A management consulting practice tailored specifically for developing a coherent analytics strategy
  • Watson Explorer – A tool for organizing and exploring information including “dark data” that is hard to access
  • Watson Developer Cloud – A set of APIs and programming tools for building apps that can read, hear, talk, see, and learn

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