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Biostatistical Consulting for Hospitals, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device Companies

  • Our biostatisticians work closely with the entire project team throughout the study. For example, they ensure that they capture the correct data. In addition, they apply scientific knowledge to support you.
  • Our biostatisticians have extensive experience providing biostatistical consulting and services. Therefore, they can perform any statistical test.
  • Our biostatistical consultants have PhDs in statistics from leading universities—such as HarvardStanford, and Columbia—and include nationally renowned experts.

Research Methodology and Research Design

statistical consulting

We determine the statistical method for the study that you plan to conduct. For example, what should the sample size for your research be? Which technique should we apply to the data?

In addition, we assist you in the design phase of your research. The type of research design you use is important for finding reliable and valid results. Additionally, we can help you make this decision.

Selection of the Variable

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Researchers select variables based on the hypothesis that they test. For example, we use our statistical expertise when selecting research variables.

Sample Size

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Statistical expertise is necessary when selecting the sample size. For example, if the sample size is small, the statistical test will not give accurate results. However, if the sample size is too large, the research project will be costly. Therefore, we can determine the ideal sample size.

Data Management 

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Our biostatistical consultants can organize, code, merge, clean, and manage your data. In addition, we can get your dataset ready for analysis. Additionally, we create composite scores, work with missing data, and label data.

Biostatistical Consulting 

statistical consulting

Our biostatistical consultants determine the test statistics for particular data and research questions. For example, there are many statistical tests used for specific reasons. Additionally, we are experts in a variety of these statistical tests. Therefore, we validate your data plan to make sure it examines your research questions.

Our biostatisticians conduct descriptive statistics, assess assumptions, and conduct data analysis. In addition, we write up all the results, including tables and figures. We also provide syntax and the raw output file. Finally, our biostatistical consultants ensure you are comfortable with the analyses.

Reliability and Validity

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In any research, only conducting the analysis is not enough. Therefore, we ensure that the results are reliable and valid.

Interpretation of the Results

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Our statistical consultants interpret and present the research results. We also explain the results of the study. Additionally, our statisticians allow unlimited email and phone support to ensure that you completely understand the analysis results.

Examples of Our Biostatistical Consulting Projects

  • statistical consulting

Relative Risk of Lung Cancer 

April 26th, 2021|2 Comments

We compared the difference in relative risk (RR) of lung cancer between the intervention and control groups. The intervention group exhibited an increase in RR of lung cancer from pre to post (p < 0.05). [...]

  • statistical consulting

Bending Stiffness

April 25th, 2021|0 Comments

Our statisticians examined the differences in bending stiffness between 2.0 mm RP and 2.0 mm SP. We conducted ANOVA to test the hypothesis for this study, which confirmed a significant difference between 2.0 mm [...]

  • statistical consulting

Compound D-600

April 24th, 2021|0 Comments

A major pharmaceutical company requested statistical consulting to examine the effect of compound D-600 on gluconeogenesis. Thus, we did a regression analysis. In conclusion, compound D-600 significantly affected gluconeogenesis (β = 0.52, p < [...]

Blood Pressure

April 24th, 2021|0 Comments

A global hospital hired our statistical consultants to compare the difference in blood pressure between patients with cancer and patients without cancer. Thus, we found a significant difference in blood pressure between patients with [...]

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Client Success Stories

EndoLogic asked us to measure the impact of its medical device. Our research led to the appropriate solution by examining the effect of its medical device.

Zamir S. Brelvi, CEO of EndoLogic, says, “We have been very pleased with working with AMSTAT Consulting. The service was custom-tailored and completed on time. The statistical report was detailed with excellent tables. The cost of the services was affordable for a start-up company such as EndoLogic! They are very detail-oriented and like to know the project thoroughly that is being analyzed.”


Prisma Health hired our biostatistical consultants. Thus, we analyzed the impact of demographic characteristics on referrals.

Haritha Boppana, a physician at Prisma Health, says, “I needed statistical analysis of research data. They called me and explained the process involved in data analysis. They were always very prompt, helpful, intelligent, and took time explaining the various tests used in conducting data analysis. Thank you so much!! I look forward to working with you in the future.”

statistical consultingPrisma Health

Phoenix Children’s Hospital asked us to analyze patients managed on the pain service. Thus, we measured the effect of the pain service.

Raj Singhal, research director of pain management at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, says, “They have been instrumental in helping with our statistical needs. In addition to their professionalism, they have been prompt and thorough with all of our requests. Their work is impeccable, and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of assistance with methods or interpretation. We plan on using AMSTAT Consulting for all of our future needs, and I am thrilled to have been introduced to them.”

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

UNICEF requested biostatistical consulting. Thus, we analyzed the impact of positive peer network injunctive on immunization use.

Ibrahim Mohammed, a health specialist at UNICEF, says, “AMSTAT Consulting is a perfect example of poise, understanding, and patience. They diligently follow up and never lose their calm. I had a hundred questions and countless demands, and they took their time to listen and implement every one of my demands. AMSTAT Consulting is highly recommended!”

statistical consultingUNICEF
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