We help clients make better strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of corporate performance, value creation, macroeconomic forces, and global and local trends.

As organizations and markets increase in complexity, defining strategy becomes more demanding. Leaders must reconcile a high-level view of their business with a detailed understanding of the countless activities that create value at a granular level. Information is vital, but with so much data available, how do leaders separate the signal from the noise?

Our Strategy Analytics Center (STAC) helps leaders make sense of internal and external data on corporate performance, macroeconomic changes, and global and local trends so that executives can develop more robust strategies for creating value, identifying business opportunities, and pursuing growth.

3100+ client engagements in 2017


Our approach provides clients with the wide-ranging fact base they need to address the big strategic questions about their business: How is my industry being shaped by global forces? What actions can I take to increase value? How and where can I grow?

Access to unparalleled expertise and insights

STAC provides our clients with the comprehensive analysis and insights they need to develop winning strategies. Our global team of 90 experts have access to proprietary databases, analytical platforms and advanced modeling techniques to generate distinctive data-driven insights that empower our clients to make faster and better strategic decisions.

Long-standing leadership in strategy topics

With a tradition of research and innovation spanning decades, we have consistently produced knowledge that breaks new ground. We bring clients the most powerful solutions for tackling strategic challenges, and we invest continuously in innovation and capability building. Our independent, fact-based perspective is anchored in large volumes of data, processed through advanced analytics to yield fast, accurate, and deep insights.

Greater clarity and confidence in decision making

We help clients sift through the complexity of strategic planning to understand where the real uncertainties lie. The scope of our data, the interpretive force of our models, and the rigor of the processes applied by our analytics experts equip leaders to build a clearer and more detailed picture of the world, make better-informed and more robust decisions, and introduce greater transparency into direction setting.

Recent work

  • A major consumer goods company used our Global Growth Model to predict growth rates for individual product categories in 60 countries. We worked together to break down these forecasts to a granular level using our CityScope database of 3,000 cities. This produced the surprising insight that the growth prospects for some products were much higher in certain cities than in many middle-ranking countries.
  • The Ministry of Economy in a developing economy engaged us to build a world-class national economic planning unit and seed the unit with an advanced analytics-based model of their national economy and industries. We trained staff on how to apply the models to our proprietary databases and interpret the data. Insights emerging from the new unit are underpinning the next generation of economic strategy for the country.
  • We have used our Value Navigator to help executives cut through the complexity of multiple business units and develop insights about where value is created on a granular level. One industrial company was able to examine hundreds of performance cells to understand how they were creating value and where it could allocate resources to support this growth.

Featured capabilities

  • Corporate Performance Analytics: Illustrating how valuation techniques and principles are applied in real-world situations, CPAnalytics is key to formulating a winning financial strategy. CPAnalytics provides web-based solutions helping users to gain quick insights into a company’s performance against its peers and scan profit pools for growth and investment opportunities. CPAnalytics also delivers bespoke advisory services using advanced analytics on complex and sweeping financial and strategy topics. Our database incorporates more than 120,000 companies across geographies and industries and over 1,000 financial and operating KPI’s spanning over 60 years.
  • Corporate Performance Diagnostic: The Corporate Performance Diagnostic is anchored in McKinsey’s Basic Beliefs in Corporate Value Creation. It is an expert led outside-in diagnostic that links company’s valuation in the financial markets and its underlying operational performance. Empowered with proprietary data, and advanced analytics, our expertise delivers incisive insights about client’s capital market valuation, the fundamental drivers of their value, the performance of their portfolio, and their positioning in the market space.
  • Global Growth Model: Comprehensive economic database covering over 100 countries as well as an advanced macroeconomic tool that provides outlooks for different economic scenarios. Enables tracking the trends, testing the effect of change in specific markets, and looks as far ahead as 2025 using historical data, McKinsey insights and the latest econometrics.
  • Cityscope: Offers current and forecasted data on nearly 3,000 major cities around the world. This helps clients understand evolving urban economies and quantify pockets of growth for their specific product and service categories.
  • Value Navigator: A granular approach to portfolio management that helps companies gear up for higher value creation in the future using value-based performance management, optimized resource allocation, and portfolio moves.

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