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Supervised Classification Algorithms


We developed a machine learning application. We tested different methods of solving a supervised classification predictive analytics problem. We could: Develop data ingestion and pre-processing code Run multiple models Evaluate the fit of the models Prepare to port the code into an HDFS production environment

Automated Garnishment Database


A law office required a web based program that would allow the user to enter as much (or as little) information as is known about an individual (debtor) in order to initiate an API web search of specific internet sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc. Database Platform Functionalities included: Database capable of [...]

Machine Learning Python-Based Imaging Pipeline


A health technology startup trained using the world’s diagnostic image largest training set. We helped our clients with: Software Architecture Enhancements Hardware Setup Validation Neural Network Architecture and General ML Advisory We speeded up non-core parts of the training cycle and pipeline. We implemented any enhancements which could cut down the image processing time. [...]

CrossSell Recommendation Engine


The scope of the project was for two different locations on our clients’ e-commerce site, with differing strategies, that they wanted to build models to solve for. We built revenue-driving cross-sell recommendation models that: Provided their customers with relevant products that satisfy, surprise and delight - at the right time Brought awareness of product [...]