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Project Description

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Research Design 

A causal-comparative quantitative research design was used to  measure the difference among the 2.0mm RP and 2.0mm SP in bending stiffness, bending strength, and bending structural stiffness.


There is an analysis from the MODEL as a whole and a partitioning based on an independent variable. We see the terms “Source,” “DF,” “Sum of Squares,” “Mean Square,” “F Value,” and “Pr>F=.”


A between group factor shows the between-groups estimate of variance for the main effect of the independent varaible. Error shows the residual variation after we have gotten rid of the model variation.


The Between groups variables are significant at .05. The ANOVA showed a main effect of the independent variable. Thus, we can conclude that a statistically significant difference exists among the 2.0mm RP and 2.0mm SP in Bending stiffness, Bending strength, and Bending structural stiffness.

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