Project Description

A law office required a web based program that would allow the user to enter as much (or as little) information as is known about an individual (debtor) in order to initiate an API web search of specific internet sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc.

Database Platform Functionalities included:

  • Database capable of handling, storing, & mining large data sets
  • API integration into Simplicity Collect CRM
  • Open API (allowing for future developments & integrations)
  • Secure & encrypted database (AES-256, SSL, 2-factor authentication)
  • Single sign-on (like ForgeRock OpenAM or Mozilla Persona)
  • Every new query should be also be run simultaneously against existing (stored) database of results. Anomalies should be flagged. All results should be assigned a confidence rating based on information provided
  • Machine Learning algorithms should be utilized during the API search, as well as mining the resulting data for useful information & patterns
  • Flat-file import/export to XLS, CSV, etc.

Application was designed as a web application accessible from any of the usual PC/MAC browser types. After accessing the application via standard browser interface, the user was presented with a secure login page prompting for User ID & Password. An Admin login was provided with the system that allowed new users to be setup and maintained.