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AMSTAT Consulting has become nationally recognized for helping Fortune 500 companies turn data into value without the hassle of managing complex infrastructure, systems, and tools. From implementation to data migration to tuning and optimization to data engineering and advanced analytics, the AMSTAT Consulting Professional Services team will work with you every step of the way. Our clients cite these reasons for choosing to work with us:

  • AMSTAT Consulting has a strong leadership team with Ph.D. in statistics at leading universities including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia.
  • We are experts in advanced analytics and statistical analysis.
  • Our rich retail domain experience extends across all major categories with leading retail chains and consumer brands.
  • We integrate analytics into this expertise to provide our customers the competitive edge of accurate revenue generation models and cost reduction opportunities.
  • We have expertise in this exponentially growing area of BI and big data reporting and analytics:
    • sales, marketing, loyalty marketing, campaigns
    • category management, product management
    • market share, forecasting
    • inventory, distribution, logistics, vendors
    • 360-degree view of the customer
    • SKU and products, product hierarchy
    • market basket, product mix, new markets
    • pricing, competition

Nationally Recognized Leadership Team with Ph.D. in Statistics at Leading Universities Including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia

Nationally Recognized Leadership Team with Ph.D. in Statistics at Leading Universities Including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia

Rich Retail Domain Experience

Rich Retail Domain Experience

Deep Domain Expertise and Strong Operations

Deep Domain Expertise and Strong Operations

The retail industry has probably witnessed the biggest transformation ever with the world of brick and mortar significantly paving way for a much more complex and agile digital world! The challenge of having to manage in-store and online experience seamlessly along with delivering a personalized customer experience at every touch point keeps almost every retailer awake.

Among other things, they require efficient supply and distribution networks to anticipate and keep up with customer preferences and manage anytime-anywhere delivery in order to maintain sticky revenue streams and brand loyalty.

AMSTAT’s end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) services help retailers keep pace with a changing world. Our solutions enable providing a consistent shopper experience despite the proliferation of devices and channels. AMSTAT Consulting partners with retailers to navigate through the data deluge and make informed decisions in real-time. Retailers turn to us to combat intense margin pressures and drive smart growth strategies.

Comprehensive service offerings

We can:

  • Develop a more accurate picture of a company’s market position can allow a firm to target market more effectively, stay the course on particular strategies, or make course corrections quickly to effect positive change
  • Help with data integration of merger and acquisition activity, product master, customer master, database marketing, market share, competition, and countless other areas
  • Cover the entire value chain and make it easy for clients to engage with us as a one-stop solution provider for all retail functions

Global delivery network

  • AMSTAT Consulting’ global delivery network provides the right blend of offshore, nearshore and onshore delivery to optimize service and price mix to client needs.
  • The delivery centers use common methodologies, tools, and assets to deliver services seamlessly to clients.

Platform-agnostic and customer-centric solutions

  • Our modular solutions customized to client requirements are platform-agnostic, leveraging their existing investments.
  • AMSTAT’ solutions are geared to help global clients maintain incisive focus on customer needs while driving process excellence across the value chain.

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Domain Expertise with Embedded Analytics

  • Our rich retail domain experience extends across all major categories with leading retail chains and consumer brands.
  • We integrate analytics into this expertise to provide our customers the competitive edge of accurate revenue generation models and cost reduction opportunities.

Impact-based Engagement Models

  •  Our outcome-based commercial and delivery models share risks and rewards to ensure that our clients’ investment is totally end-user driven.
  • We constantly drive innovation and technology improvements to provide our clients a dependable competitive edge.

Global Delivery Excellence

  • With an efficient balance of onshore, near-shore and offshore components, our versatile delivery models provide tighter integration, the right skills and talent, and cultural alignment to minimize risks.

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Business Outcomes

  • In a volatile and fragmented market landscape of changing consumer preferences and complex buying patterns, our next generation customer services provide the following advantages:
    • Proven ‘EnABLE’ transition methodology for accelerated timelines
    • Flexible engagement models and ‘gainshare’ deal structures
    • Sustainable profitability through integration of analytics, technology optimization, domain and process expertise

Embedded Analytics

  • Our deep domain expertise and strong operations are backed by our research and analytics arm to deliver technology-driven transformation solutions.
  • We embed analytics into each of our solutions for greater customer and market insights.
  • Our sales center of excellence enables clients to achieve accelerated revenue growth. Our innovative engagement models drive long-lasting partnerships with clients for strategic and transformational initiatives.

Customized Best Practices

  • We transform customer interaction services by leveraging technology and customizing best practices to address specific customer contact scenarios and issues.
  • Our continuous improvement framework of business process excellence deploys Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and innovative knowledge sharing initiatives to collaborate with clients and set higher peaks of efficiency.

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End-to-End Supply Chain Efficiency

  •  Our multi-faceted and rich retail expertise extends across planning, forecasting, sourcing, procurement, fulfillment, after-sales support and advanced analytics.
  • We deploy best-in-class practices and provide a holistic view of processes to enable our clients to drive greater efficiency and extract enhanced value from their supply chains.
  • Intelligent analytics drive our clients’ ‘outperformance’ and deliver significant business impact.

Business Performance

  • Our integration of smart processes, practices, analytics, and technologies drive consistent performance improvements in terms of forecasting, inventory management, order fulfillment, and logistics management.
  • This leads to increased cash flows, optimized working capital, improved customer service, and faster time-to-market.
  • These, in turn, drive down costs, boost profits, and achieve higher productivity.
  • Our expertise in analytics transforms existing data into predictive knowledge that further adds business agility to positively impact customer service, brand image, and bottom lines.

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Advanced Analytics

  • Our proprietary suite of performance tools and advanced analytics capabilities help our clients excel in revenue management in versatile ways — competitive intelligence, campaign performance management, loyalty insights, customer segmentation and pricing management.

Process Excellence

  • Our best-in-class processes enable our clients to achieve the following:
    • Channel-intelligent campaign management
    • Effective root cause analysis for conversion bottlenecks
    • Real-time insights on campaign effectiveness and customer perceptions
    • Tracking of competitive offers and designing rebuttal offers
    • Defining measurement and improvement of service level agreements

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Data Analysis

AMSTAT Consulting offers smart data analytics that assists retailers in:

  • Optimizing categories/SKU sales planning
  • Unlocking additional sales growth opportunities
  • Planning sales and marketing activities
  • Vendor management
  • Maximizing operational efficiency

Enterprise E-Commerce 

  • Our sophisticated technologies ensure omnichannel retailing that significantly expands your business.
  • Make the first step and complement your brick-and-mortar trade with a feature-packed e-commerce solution

Loyalty Program Management 

  • We gather the necessary data, perform structured analysis and personalize product information.
  • Sophisticated loyalty program management systems will help your business gain devoted customers due to:
    • Customer Account Management – tracks purchases and channels
    • Analytics and Reporting – identify tendencies and creates forecasts
    • Flexible Rewards Systems – tailor campaigns and special prices to individual needs
    • Mobile Loyalty – applications that deliver offers directly to your customers

Trade Promotion Management

  • With its proficiency in implementing trade promotion solutions, AMSTAT Consulting has satisfied the needs of a client with as many as 180 markets.
  • Our elaborate systems take responsibility for the whole trade promotion cycle: from planning – through execution control and complex analysis – to devising a more efficient strategy with the newly gathered data in mind.

Private Label Product Management 

  • Be sure the outsourced production of your private labels accords with all the requirements that guarantee its success.
  • Our specialists create PLMs capable of:
    • Complete lifecycle monitoring
    • Product quality control
    • Supplier relationship management
    • Advanced product analysis and reporting

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