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Using Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Given the current economic climate and continued scrutiny on the state of the healthcare industry, hospitals and physician practices must learn to adapt their business practices or continue to fall behind the curve in information technology and analytics. Additional regulations, declining reimbursements, and the increase in patient out-of-pocket expenses are squeezing margins that were already razor thin. Healthcare executives [...]

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Predictive Analytics Can Improve Revenue

Healthcare is about providing critical services to people, but as any hospital chief financial officer or revenue cycle manager knows, providers that can’t pay the bills won’t be able to help any patients once the doors shut. The problem: While healthcare profitability always has been a challenge – even prosperous hospitals typically run on margins of 3 percent or [...]

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SEEK Program

We measured the following: the difference in students’ attitudes and knowledge before, during and after SEEK Program and PCI programs, training, and mentor teaching; the impact of ’s SEEK Program and PCI programs on students’ long-term academic achievement, college enrollment in STEM fields, completion of STEM degrees, and pursuit of STEM career fields; the impact of SEEK Program and [...]

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Banking Fees & Financial Performance

We measured the impact of banking fees on financial performance. The hypothesis was as follows: H1: Banking fees significantly affect financial performance. We performed a regression analysis to examine the hypothesis. Banking fees significantly and positively affected financial performance (β= .46, p < .05). Call Us Now At (301) 800-0038 Contact us now!

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Relative Risk of Lung Cancer 

We compared the difference in relative risk (RR) of lung cancer between the intervention and control groups. The hypothesis was as follows: H1: The intervention group will have an increase in relative risk (RR) of lung cancer from pre to post while the control group will have no statistically significant change or may actually decrease. We conducted a repeated measure ANOVA [...]

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Leadership Behavior

We examined leadership behavior and successful integration of technology in high schools. The research question was as follows: RQ1: What leadership behavior supports successful integration of technology in high schools? We performed a thematic analysis by using NVivo 10 to examine the research question. The common theme was as follows: leadership characteristics and successful integration of technology in high schools. [...]

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