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Statistical consultants at AMSTAT Consulting have become nationally recognized for providing statistical consulting. Our successful clients cite these reasons for choosing to work with AMSTAT Consulting.

  • Our statistical consultants have PhDs in statistics from leading universities, such as HarvardStanford, and Columbia. In addition, they include nationally renowned experts.
  • Our programmers have 3,700 years of combined experience across the company. Thus, they have expertise with virtually every statistical software package. In addition, our consultants can use the new and latest statistical software available in the market today. Additionally, they can apply the required technical and specialized techniques and procedures of statistics.
  • We are more reasonably priced than most other statistical consulting firms. Thus, our fees usually pale compared to the savings and profits our work generates for our clients.
  • We offer friendly support in addition to ultra-fast turnaround times. Thus, our clients are almost universally happy with the different statistical consulting brands we offer. Therefore, over 90% of clients request our assistance more than once.
  • We possess good communication skills. Thus, we can interact with our clients fluently and comfortably.

Statistical Consulting

statistical consultants

Research Question, Research Methodology, and Research Design

We will determine the statistical method for the study that you plan to conduct. For example, what should the sample size for your research be? Which technique should we apply to the data?

In addition, we will assist you in the research design phase of your research. For example, the type of research design you use is important for finding reliable and valid results. Therefore, we can make this decision.

statistical consultants

Selection of the Variable

Researchers select variables based on the predetermined theory that they test. For example, we will use our statistical expertise when selecting the variable.

statistical consultants

Sample Size

Statistical expertise is necessary when selecting the sample size. For example, if the sample size is small, the statistical test will not give accurate results. However, If the sample size is too large, it will be costly. Therefore, we can determine your sample size.

Data Analysis

statistical consultants

Data Management

Our statistical consultants can organize, code, merge, clean, and manage your data. For example, we can get your dataset ready for analysis. Thus, we will create composite scores, work with missing data, and label data.

Test Statistics

Our statistical consultants will determine the test statistics for particular data and research questions. For example, there are many statistical tests used for specific reasons. Additionally, we are experts in a large variety of these statistical tests. Therefore, we will validate your data plan to make sure it examines your research questions.

Our statistical consultants will conduct descriptive statistics, assess assumptions, and conduct data analysis. In addition, we will write up all results, including tables and figures. Additionally, we will provide syntax and the raw output file. Finally, our statisticians will ensure you are comfortable with the analyses.

Validity and Reliability of the Statistics Results

In any research, only conducting the analysis is not enough. Therefore, we will ensure that the results are reliable and valid.

statistical consultants

Interpretation of the Results

Our statistical consultants will interpret the results of the research and present these results. In addition, we will explain the results of the study. Additionally, our statisticians will allow unlimited email and phone support to ensure you completely understand the analysis results. Finally, we will prepare an effective PowerPoint presentation.

statistical consultants

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